Mission Statement

Create a prototype land use program that is self-sustaining and regenerative. The model land will be used for Natural Agriculture and Organic farming and gardening, a living and cultural environment, and a natural preserve. The site will be environmentally sensitive providing ecosystem services and conserve open spares and forest while providing habitat for people, plants, and animals. The model will demonstrate a financially and socially sustainable life-style.


Our Philosophy

The Land Use program works with nature to support human needs while sustaining the land base. As in the cho-no-yu tea ritual, the Model for Land Use is based on four principles: harmony (wa), respect (kei), purity (sei), and serenity (jaku) for the land and the connection between the land and people. The program connects land ~ farmers ~ local community ~ program management (commons board) ~ donors ~ agrarian trust

Key foci: sustainability, resilience, food (Natural Agriculture and Organic) and environmental support, transformation capacity, regeneration, land use culture


Our Goals

1. Keep land in multi-use zones – agriculture, wild lands, and living spaces.

2. Revitalize suburban and rural landscapes.

3. Increase the number of next generation farmers and conservationists.

4. Improve the quality of suburban and rural land.

5. Increase land use providing ecosystem services.

6. Reconnect urban and rural populations about the appropriate land use to understand the connections for products and services provided and the health of communities.

7. Make agrarian land use financially feasible.

8. Train new and transitioning farmers and gardeners in Natural Agriculture and Organic methodology.

9. Incubator farms - Provide transition land to new and conventional transitioning farmers.

10. Improve the health of the land and people and nutritional quality of foods produced.

11. Supporting land access for future generations of farmers.